Temperature Controlled & Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units in Southwest Houston

Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units

Non-climate controlled storage units or ambient storage units are similar to storing something in the garage of your average house. It’s not heated or air conditioned, and is subject to changes in the outdoor humidity.

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Temperature Controlled & Humidity Controlled Storage Units

Humidity and temperature controlled storage units are the absolute best we or anyone else can offer. It is moisture that causes mold and mildew. With the high level of humidity in the Houston area, mold and mildew are major causes of damage. Humidity controlled storage units have separate dehumidification systems, independently controlled from the heating and air conditioning systems. This storage space is set to maintain comfortable temperatures as well as a 55% relative humidity. A relative humidity of 55 to 60% is considered perfect for long term preservation and storage, just like the National Archive in Washington, D.C. where the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are stored.

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